Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope everyone's having a wonderful time - so wonderful, that they don't feel like writing posts this week, right? I promise I'll post a topic by next Monday.

(Image taken from glennjamesphotography.com)
Also, let me take the time to say goodbye to Jane, and I hope you get better. Jane leaves in 6 days, and is sick, and may not have much access to the internet over in Kyrgysztan, but hopefully we'll still hear from her here or at her own blog.


jane said...

Thanks Stephanie! Luckily I'm finally feeling better because I'm headed off to Kyrgyzstan tomorrow. I won't have regular Internet access, so I suspect I'll have to be regulated to "guest blogger" status... but I'll definitely try to post when I can!

Jen said...

Ack! Jane, you'll certainly be missed here!!

Not that anyone could replace Jane, but do any of our readers want to join BLOG SUPERGROUP full time?

Sean said...

And a happy new year to all, as well. I think an appropriate topic would be for everyone to submit 10 or 12 predictions for the next year spanning economics, politics, culture (pop and otherwise), etc.