Friday, January 25, 2008


Some of us have moved; others have stayed put.
Some of us have been very busy finishing semesters; others have been lazy.
Some of us have (temporarily) run out of topic ideas; others are shy about being the first one back.
Some of us are just bored.

We still like you, Dear Readers, and miss your comments.
But what, at this point, can bring you back? We've proven ourselves shamefully unreliable. We apologize for that, but make no promises to change our behavior in the future.

Would you like a new format? A change of pace? To participate more? To find new blog authors? It's okay if you do. But tell us, please.

Because every time I see this blog listed on my profile, I have to click on it just to make sure there's nothing new. It sort of feels like a rotted toenail that I can't stop picking at, but am afraid to rip off, just in case it spontaneously comes back to life.

I don't want the Supergroup to be a rotted toenail.

Do you?


John from Daejeon said...

More frequent postings would definitely help.

Maybe, the topics could be along the lines of what's in the news in the U.S. or of interest to all of us here on this planet.

A recent one that blew me away was the death of Heath Ledger and our glorification and impact of entertainment and sports stars over everyone else. Many people die everyday--it's a part of life. He was great at his job, and he will be missed, but what makes his passing more important than anyone else's?

I enjoy watching TV programs, movies, and sporting events, but these people aren't the ones filling my gut with food, clothing my backside, or really stimulating my mind like great teachers, scientists, and writers do.

John MacEachern said...

I read BSG, but I haven't been checking it much lately. I agree with the other John in that the one thing that makes or breaks a blog (besides partisan political rhetoric and up-to-the-minute hyperlinked topical commentary, that is) is regular posting. The old BSG format seems to have fallen apart. If you guys want to salvage this thing you'll probably have to figure out why, and what you can do about it.

Pictures, like the cat in the santa hat, might liven things up a bit, too. Almost no one reads my blog, and no one leaves comments, but when they do it's usually on prettier posts that are 5 paragraphs or less.

Adeline said...

come back! is the conversation over?