Thursday, January 03, 2008

resolved: that those super-wealthy 20-somethings need to get over themselves.

thanks for the all critics topic stephanie! this ought to generate some comments...
here are my suggestions:

everyone running for president on either side: have a mad drunken party together before the primaries. let the press in once everyone’s good and sauced.

george lucas: redo the last few star wars, and hire a director this time. maybe kevin smith? that would be fun.

al sharpton: realize that it’s not all because you’re black. some of it is because you’re an idiot.

michael vick: pit yourself against one of your pitbulls. oh yeah, and the loser gets shot.

bill watterson: give us more calvin & hobbes!

will smith: pat yourself on the back, my man! america has an actual american manly action hero again. (anyone else notice that our macho actors lately are euros/aussies?)

europe/australia: keep turning them out – we could use more macho action heroes.

whiny welfare people: stop whining about it, get into rehab, and then get a job. then actually work hard at the job. even burger-flippers and janitors get promoted if they flip burgers or janite with a good attitude.

hollywood writers on strike: stay there. then maybe the couch potatoes will move their asses and work on their own getting-healthier resolutions.

tippi hendron: save more critters. yay for shambala!

paris hilton: shop at kmart – after all, you’re only inheriting $5million now – got to tighten that budget...

the dog whisperer: go back to mexico for a while and then set a good example by emigrating- legally this time. i’m sure you could get a sponsor without too much trouble.

kim jong-il: watch team america: world police.

neil gaiman: i agree with stephanie. write the book. please.

on a side note, for christmas 2003 i was given a latchhook set. i resolved to complete the thing the next year (2004). i’m proud to report that i hooked the last latch at about 11:47pm on the 31st. this year i started a cross-stitch project. if we’re still blogging in 2012, i’ll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...
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Antonio said...

um, is this blog associated with the design agency The SuperGroup?

Jen said...

Nope, just a common name.

By the way, what happened to the topics??

krayzykatlady said...

i'm starting to think we died... anyone else want to be a supergrouper and get some fresh ideas going?

laurie said...

I just realized how guilty I feel for having been absent since I started school. So count me in on the revitalization effort.

listonosz said...

EXTRA !!!!!!